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CEO & Co-founder of Qhaceshoy? a last minute ticket seller with big discounts. Qhaceshoy? Is the HotelTonight for live events. It’s a Smartphone App where you can buy last minute tickets with big discounts. Download the app where you will have at the reach of your hand the best live events in your city at an affordable price. I started working as a computer developer. Then I worked in a MsC and a PhD in the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid in no-conventional computing. Then I worked in the Spanish Mint as R&D Engineer. Then I founded my first startup (Airticket), and started in the startup world, now I put all my focus in Qhaceshoy? Able to work equally in both Spanish and English-speaking environments. Specialties: International Business, Business Development, Growth Strategies, New Market Opportunities, Strategic Planning, Start-up Launch Assessments, Entrepreneurial Endeavours, e-Commerce, Graphic Design and Art.

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