Ismael Labrador


Marketing, business strategy and entrepreneurship. Co-founder at Tuvalum / Boss at i-Lab Comunicación / Head bartender at Notesubasalabarra

About Ismael Labrador

In the begining i was journalist. Then i became digital marketer and marketing consultant for startups and business. Finally i decided to apply my experience, skills and abilities in communication, marketing and business strategy to launch Tuvalum.com. Now i'm working hard as co-founder and CMO at Tuvalum. Tuvalum is a trusted P2P social marketplace, unifying the fragmented secondhand market for outdoor sports gear. We aim to make used sports gear transactions more affordable, accessible and safe. We're supporting the entire transaction cycle: contact between athletes, negotiation, safe payment, delivery and, of course, customer care. If you need a good used bike, please contact me :) I'm also digital marketing professor and trainer in communication and content marketing for startups and entrepeneurship projects. If you need to improve your startup marketing and content strategy, contact me with confidence. When i'm not working hard i'm playing hard at Notesubasalabarra. Notesubasalabarra is my personal brand in mixology. I create cocktails for liquor brands, events and private parties. If you want to surprise your employees with a Gin&Tonic course or a how-to-make cocktails party, you can contact me. When avalaible i practice Shaolin Kenpo as black belt instructor.