Miquel Canyada


Dreaming, making and engineering.

About Miquel Canyada

Miquel studied Industrial Engineering specialization in Industrial Design at the Polytechnic University of Valencia finishing his studies in Groningen (the Netherlands) where he discovered the world of digital manufacturing, maker movement and 3D printers among others machines and tools. Later he specialized in these fields in the Master's Degree in Integrated Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing (UPV) where a research thesis conducted at the Institute of Design and Manufacture about geometric constraints in 3D printing, using the technology called FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication). In 2014, while completing his specialization, Miquel worked with the Fab Lab VLC team where later he become the technical manager of laboratory equipment, making prototypes and projects for University students and several companies. Nowadays he is coordinating workshops about digital fabrication and developing some projects.