Thibaut Delarbre


Tech enthusiast and web entrepreneur aiming for world domination. Co-founder of http://webestimate.co/ and http://wiredelta.com/

About Thibaut Delarbre

French citizen, tech enthusiast, web entrepreneur and yoga freak. My expertise lies in web development, entrepreneurship, project management and social medias with both corporate experiences (CapGemini, KRDS) and awesome start-up ventures (tech-industry.org, freeapp.dk, designingoppportunities.com). Until January 2016, I've been busy scaling up Wiredelta, a service company training rock star web developers to build kick-ass web apps for high-growth companies. But while I keep an active role in Wiredelta (strategy & sales), my focus has now shifted to Webestimate, a product company transforming the way clients and contractors connect with each other. I'm also a regular guest lecturer on web entrepreneurship for several business & engineering institutions. If you're getting in touch for something that involves magic keywords like "start-ups" or "web" you definitely have my interest.