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  • Jack Petrick
    Invest 2.500€
  • Javier Ordoñez
    Invest 2.500€
  • Mireia Ortiz
    Invest 10.500€
  • Fran Solveis
    Invest 60.000€
  • Pere Gargallo
    Invest 3.425€
  • Carlos Ferre
    Invest 10.000€
  • Lorraine Smith
    Ha invertido 20.000€
  • Laura Gómez
    Invest 4.500€
  • Jose Luis Pérez
    Invest 2.000€
What we do?

We obtain investment for your project, where we also invest. We are a Venture Angel : we offer you the seriousness and support of a venture capital, but with the agility and the terms of a business angel.

" A different philosophy

We know you have great plans for your startup, and we want to help you make them happen. On other platforms, the relationship ends after funding is obtained. With us the path is different: the magic begins when we invest, from that moment on, a long-term relationship begins.

Why choose Startupxplore?

  • Better terms

    Get venture capital size rounds, but with the terms and conditions of a business angel. Take advantage of the agility of a Venture Angel and don't waste more time than necessary.

  • We invest

    We firmly believe in the startups with which we complete a round, that's why we invest our own capital. We want to be your partner and part of your success.

  • A single contact person

    We take care of communication with investors and channel the investment through digital signature processes, with full legal validity. Dedicate yourself to your startup, we'll do with investors!

  • Learn how to prepare a good round

    Rely on a team of specialists in marketing, business, product and investment that will guide you through the entire process. Preparing a good round will be part of your learning and achievements with us.

  • Accelerate your investment

    We don't want to waste your time; we only need 21 days to close the round (and so far 0000% have been successfully completed). Shorten the time it takes to get investment!

  • Make yourself visible

    Introduce your business to thousands of managers and professionals with experience in various sectors, and get the visibility your project needs. +0000 investors will receive information about your products and your potential.

  • Quality investors

    Get a large group of investors with the potential and experience to help you scale your business, contact future suppliers or customers, or develop your business.

  • Support in future rounds

    Rely on a greater number of investors who can support you in future capital increases of your company and increase the possibilities of financing with your own partners, in an easier and less time consuming way.

  • Tracking

    We support you with the management of future rounds and help you prepare documentation for investors. Our contribution doesn't end with the round, it's just the beginning!

Grow like the best

Receive quality funding and support after the round.

Quality certification

Get the seal that many investors are already asking for.

A great community

Harness the power of a network of +50.000 investors.

  • 0000


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  • 0000 %


“Startupxplore is the best equity crowdfunding platform in the market.”

We are very respectful to entrepreneurs and don't want to waste your time, so if you haven't already done so, read our company selection criteria.

Our fees


For the startup

Without success fees! We only charge you a fixed fee.

Initial setup

We analyze and prepare your startup to be launched on the platform.

€ 5,500


We receive a % for each € invested by investors.

0 %


We manage all the pool of investors from start to end.

€ 2.400
  • Full startup analysis.
  • Setup page of the investment opportunity.
  • Review and improvement of your presentation material.
  • Preparation of the legal documentation of the round: termsheet and membership documents.
  • Design of the marketing plan.
  • Monitoring and management of investors.
  • Review, distribution and management of quarterly reports.
  • Management of the process of proxy voting for general meetings or similar.
  • Support and follow-up of the startup after the round has closed.
  • Create your promotional material (we will advise you).
  • Carry out notary and commercial registry procedures.
  • Registration of trademarks or properties.
  • Design of one-page or deck investor.
  • Explanatory video production / product.
  • Promise returns to investors.

Have you not decided yet?
Frequently asked questions!

The funds are deposited in an escrow account where they are blocked until the capital increase is signed and registered in the commercial register. Once we send the registered deed to the bank, the funds are released within 2-3 days. From then on, you will be able to access the account and begin with you growth plans. All you have to do now is eat up the world!
First we analyze your project, which may take between 2-4 weeks; and after passing successfully all the filters, we begin to prepare the round, which can take 1-2 weeks. So, from the moment we start talking until we launch your round on the platform, it can take between 3 to 6 weeks, depending also on our available launch dates.
We want your project to be successful, and for this reason, the less you have to do, the better. We distribute the startup communications to all the investors in the syndicate, manage the process of proxy voting for general meetings or similar, and act as a link between your startup and the investors. We also perform investor support tasks for you, and review and distribute quarterly monitoring reports. You dedicate yourself to making your company successful, and we will take care of the rest.
According to the legislation that regulates us, if your round does not reach 90% of the target amount before the end of the term (extendable by up to 25%), your round will not be completed and you will not be able to dispose the funds, which will be returned fully to the investors.
Although we are regulated as a PFP (Participatory Financing Platform), we consider ourselves a Venture Angel, that is, we offer you the seriousness and support of a venture capital, but with the agility and terms of a business angel. If someone were to ask us what we are, our answer would be "we are the crossroads of the best of a venture capital and a business angel".
First of all, we don't want to waste your time. We only need 21 days to close the round (and so far 96% have been successfully completed). The startups that are financed with us obtain our seal of quality, since they pass successfully the analysis that we carry out of the company. And above all, we believe in everything we do, that's why we not only invest in your round and present it to +8000 investors, but we accompany you the rest of the way (the investment round is just the beginning).

Any more questions?
Contact us!

If you would like to pay us a visit, you will find us here from 10:00 to 18:00 from Monday to Friday, let us know so we prepare the coffee! :)

C/ Salvá 10, 2B.

46002, Valencia, España

Phone number: 961 020 850

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How can we help you?

If you want to ask us something, or simply say hello, write to us ; -) Review our FAQ area where you will find help guides lots of information about the use of the platform and investment.

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