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Luxury lingerie brand from London, online store. Innovative products: poppy suspenders and crystal bras

About Ella Vine Lingerie

Ella Vine is a new lingerie brand from London disrupting the lingerie market with its innovative products. Our lingerie is elegant and comfortable, in small and large sizes, up to size 28 UK and cup G. We sell world's first poppy suspender belt that attaches easily to our poppy stockings via poppers, replacing the traditional fastening and making it much easier and quicker to the user to attach stockings to a suspender belt. Our customers coined the term 'poppy suspender''. We invented it and we hold design rights for it. Among a host of lingerie collections we also offer bras with sewn in semi-precious healing stones, like rose quartz and tiger’s eye, which energetic vibrations work specifically with heart chakra and solar plexus chakra, boosting user’s energy centres on many different levels. The brand has been founded by Ella Vine, a well known political and charity activist, chess champion, psychic medium and a former plus size model, with an online store opening on the 24th April and within a month it has made in roads to a beauty pageant. Ella Vine dressed in her lingerie all 20 finalists of Miss Poland in the UK & Ireland 2017 for a gala in prestigious Sheraton Skyline Hotel in London. Ella explains how she has created the brand and the innovative products: ‘’I have to wear compression hosiery for medical reasons and invented poppy suspenders simply because the traditional fastening was too difficult and it took too long to attach stockings to a suspender belt. I wanted to help not only myself, but also other women. Now I can also attach hold ups to a suspender belt, which gives it extra comfort and staying power. It took me two years and many prototypes of different fastenings until I arrived at the simplest solution – poppers. The simple is often the best. That’s how Ella Vine brand was born.’’ ‘’The idea for crystal bras came in a meditation. I meditate daily and I’m a psychic medium and use those abilities in business. Many women wear healing stones in their bra and I wanted a solution that is more practical than that’’. Ella’s business way mirrors very well her style of playing chess: bold, tactical and goal orientated, confidently entering with new solutions and disrupting the market. Ella has in sight new goals: she is looking for investors and partnerships to elevate the brand to a new level.

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Created United Kingdom, April/2017
Status Growth

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