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Co invest in startups with professional investors

Imagine being able to invest in the best startups along with reference investors. It's already possible.

  • Get free access to top-level opportunities
  • Invest under the same conditions as the reference investor
  • Learn from the experience of professional investors
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Learn how to invest in startups, reduce risk and time, and forget about bureaucracy. The fastest, safest and most flexible way to invest in startups. You invest, we'll take care of the rest.

How does syndicated co-investment work?

1 We offer the best dealflow SEARCH PHASE

We offer you the best dealflow, which comes from the most renowned startup investors in Spain and Startupxplore partners.

2 We apply filtering criteria

We apply objective filtering criteria in order to rule out investments with a high level of short-term risk.

3 We evaluate the opportunity

Our Analysis Committee assesses whether the markets in which the company operates in are capable of offering a high growth capacity.

4 We carry out a detailed analysis KEY PHASE

We carry out a detailed analysis of the startup and compare its main technological, financial and product metrics.

5 Ayudamos con la documentación

We help the company with documentation to explain its business model in a clear and understandable way.

6 We help with documentation PUBLIC PHASE

We launch the investment opportunity with the company's metrics and documentation for you to analyze the opportunity.

7 After the investment MONITORING PHASE

After the investment, we send you periodic reports on the progress of your investments and help them to succeed wherever possible.

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Why co invest in startups through Startupxplore?

The best dealflow

Get access to first-level opportunities that are difficult to find, as they are often funded before they are made public.


Co invest in startups from €1,000 and create a quality, wise and diversified investment portfolio.

Comfortable and safe

Co invest through your computer with full legal validity and forget endless bureaucratic processes and visits to the notary.

Detailed analysis

Analyze metrics previously checked by our Analysis Committee, making sure that the information provided is truthful.

We walk the road with you, we invest too.

We invest in every opportunity we publish, so that our interests are fully aligned with you and because we think it is a profitable way to invest our own capital.


"The important thing is not to know but to have the phone of who knows. Thanks to Startupxplore I have the phone of the one who knows how to invest and I invest with him."

Pedro Serrahima, Business Angel (Pepephone founder)