Imagine being able to invest in the best startups along with experimented investors. Now it's possible.


Learn how to invest with the best ones, reducing down time, risks and forgetting about burocracy. The investment in startups made faster, secure and flexible. You invest, we take care of the rest.

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Invest in the best startups is not longer only for a few

In 4 steps,how it works?



Discover new investment opportunities where an experienced and notable investor that has already analyzed the startup, negotiated both the valuation and terms & conditions will co-invest with you



Evaluate the startup business model and their business milestones, assess it's metrics, review it's financial details, shareholders agreement, etc. in an structured and easy way



Confirm your investment in just a few clicks, without all the bureaucratic hassle... no need to go to the notary. And not only its fully legal, but you can also get a tax exemption *



Get quaterly reports about the performance of the startup, their main business indicators, financial situation and metric. Learn and control your portfolio the easy way.

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Invest in the best startups is not longer only for a few

Benefits of being a co-investor

  • Access to top deals

    Notable investors have access to a better dealflow due to their experience and reputation: they have more information available to choose the best startups to invest and they have experience enough to valuate them. There are only one way to get the same level of knowledge: co-investing with them. And this is possible since now with the syndicates investmnet rounds of Startupxplore.

  • Increase your investor's skills

    How experienced investors like François Derbaix or Iñaki Arrola invests? Which are their criterias to invest? Which rounds are they looking for? If you participate on the co-investment rounds you will learn how the top investors invest and you will extend your knowledge as investor.

  • Save time and effort.

    Imagine something as simple as going to and see which startups have opened rounds, which investors are going to invest in it and be able to co-invest with them at the click of a button. Knowing that you're investing in a good choice, without burocracy, with the right clauses and without hassle. All the hard workd is made by us.

  • Diversify and minimize risks

    With syndicates you don't put all your eggs in one basket. You can start to invest in startups with small contributions (from 1,000 €) and participate in as many rounds as you want.

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