WBI Business Innovation


The acceleration program that connects the IberoAmerican ecosystems. Our goal is to help you develop your Business idea

Sobre WBI Business Innovation

WBI - Business Innovation proposes an entrepreneurial acceleration and support program to connect the ibero-american ecosystems. We are a group of entrepreneurs whom all together account over 20 years of experience in several business knowledge areas such as: Engineering & IT Solutions, Project Management & Agile Development Methods, Strategic Planning & Corporate Management, Business Development & Marketing Strategies, Fundraising & Investment. Our staff and mentors work with you daily to help you through the tactical and strategical issues central to your business. Entrepreneurship can be chaotic, but we are going to help you to avoid this situation by developing a systematic framework that allows you to reduce your risk by identifying and addressing areas that you can control.

Estrategia de la acceleradora

  • Looking for EARLY stage
  • Funds up to 10,000 $ per team
  • Equity taken: 7%
  • Program lasts: 12 months
  • Mentors: YES
  • Training: YES
  • Office space: YES
  • Team required: YES
  • Others: The team must be in Latin America or Spain

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