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Fondo inversor para startups en fase semilla de internet

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Cabiedes and Partners cuenta 25 mill. de euros para invertir en startups de internet en fase seed y una vocación de participar anualmente en 10 startups

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Estrategia inversión Cabiedes and Partners

Información adicional:
  • Stage: Early/Growth
  • Monthly revenue > XXX €
  • At least x% monthly growth on XXX
  • Equity: relevant, but not controlling stake
  • Pre-money valuation < X€
  • >1 founder, team fully commited
  • Avg. ticket: 100K€ Seed, up to 3MM€
  • Investments per year: X
  • Leads round
  • Other:
  • Act as Principals, not Agents
  • Angel Fund: Angel early investment + selective VC follow-on
  • Old fashion value creation: no financial engineering
  • Capital efficiency is paramount: We build for value, not for next round
  • Our Entrepreneurs should manage better than us, therefore we are hands-off investors
  • We appreciate lean operations, agressive market capture whenever profitable growth lever is found
  • We are better at b2c, but not restricted to
  • A disciplined approach to follow-on rounds

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