Martin Schenk


Software Developer and Managing Partner at Martin Schenk S.L. and at Alimentos Deshidratados Españoles S.L.


Sobre Martin Schenk

I am a German engineer, Web App’s designer and CakePHP and PHP developer. With more than 20 Years experience, I love what I do. I’m pretty good and efficient in converting your ideas into functional, stable and scalable Websites. I accept contracts based either on complete projects or on hourly basis. My clients are mainly Spaniards and Germans which cover a wide spectrum, from family businesses, medium enterprises, up to corporate groups. 12 years ago I created the website creation tool Palimpalem. Up to date, there were build more than 1.400.000 Websites with this CMS. I got my degree of Automation’s Engineer in Germany. I live over 15 years in Madrid and I am perfectly adjusted and happy here.