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As the digital formats become more and more sophisticated more and more data is created on the web. Managing that data to make it accessible, mobile and useful is our daily job. Our products: _Trama Datamining ( It's a software that allows to extract Internet data and get them neatly in the following formats: JSON, XML, CSV and PDF) _Trama WQL (a structured consulting language created wholly by Vitesia, which allows you to make consultations for the purpose of easily recovering any type of information found on the web). _TramaForms (transform forms and web processes to use them in applications for mobile devices. Without dupllicating code, and taking advantage of all its functionality). _Team2app (Any sporting club will be able to quickly and efficiently obtain a mobile App to connect with their fans and offer them a range of possibilities within their reach)

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Fundación Spain, October/2012
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Estado Crecimiento
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