WIMy helps you to keep close you love the most




How much time do we spend looking for lost items? Different studies say we spend a whole year of our lives looking for stuff that we know we have, but we do not know where. What happens when we misplace which matters us the most? For example, 10,000 children are lost in the Spanish beaches during the summer. In short, we go through anxious moments looking for our loved ones (little children, elderly people, pets).

WIMy (Where Is My...?) is a location system which works without mobile coverage. It consists of an app + a gadget (puzzle piece that can be used as a keychain, pendant or bracelet) that is paired with our smartphone. This app shows the direction and sense of what we want to find, the distance (up to 50 meters) and it can notify us if something or someone moves away or toward us.

But ¿only 50 meters? Anyone with the WIMy app downloaded to the phone can locate wimys from other users, thus expanding the range of action. You'd be helping the rest of the community just for having the app downloaded, because the app searches in the background. Just like that.
Organization founded in Spain. Since April/2014. 3 employees. SEED phase.



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