We are the definitive solution to digitalize processes in nightlife industry, with a 360º view and using pioneer technologies like Big-Data

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Our competitors focused in developing mobile applications designed to help users, and it is not working as expected. Us, after making a deep research and talking to potential customers (both users and companies) from the first day, we detected that focusing only in the user is a mistake, the actual solution is to develop an integral system that provides value both to users and companies, generating a win-win situation in which making everyone happy is the right approach in digitalizing processes in nightlife industry. At the moment, we are developing a wide range of services that can be complemented with other services, as we constructed our system to be completely elastic and adapt from small to big nightclubs, and we are searching 100k€ of funding to finish our set of products and be able to execute pilot tests for several customers that asked us that want to try the system in production environments. More info (for investors): https://gust.com/companies/wedrink

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Fundacion Spain, March/2016
Estado Semilla

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