Sobre Francisco

I consider myself a passionate Internet strategist, entrepreneur and manager of change from new technologies (ICT). I have led several projects as Encuentro Creativo (EC) is a meeting place for collaboration and exchange of professional ideas oriented analysis, design and implementation of new business. We are "already" in a new framework of professional and business where recipes that worked just a few years ago are obsolete and do not meet the new requirements relations. He that is able to quickly adapt to this new environment may have more opportunities to fulfill their professional development. I am co-founder of Monetize Innovation which is a company within the scope of Business Angels networks and operating under the brand MONETIZE NETWORK. It is a totally private equity firm that was created to help entrepreneurs leaders develop competitive businesses that add value through innovation and efficient management. To this end, we support companies with management solutions that enable them to optimize their resources, increasing productivity and profitability, helping them to achieve a profitable and sustainable business growth, which successfully remunerate investors who bet on the target negocio.Tenemos to assist all entrepreneurs with the aim of having their projects viable development opportunity and channel investment, knowledge, experience and the creative and innovative capacity. I base my professional development name FRF Business Online focused on innovation in business processes, supported on new technologies, with the aim of transforming the traditional business models into new value systems whose design involve themselves in competitive differentiation factors sustainably. My previous work experience has focused primarily in management of general type and for this reason I have sound knowledge of all functional areas of the business and extensive experience in the management and coordination of work teams. I've gotten very positive results: • Improving the productivity of various critical management processes by redesigning and implementation of new technologies. (TIC) • Process design of effective corporate restructuring as a response to situations of expansion or contraction in activity, suggesting improvements to correct undesirable situations. • Design and development of a proper calculation process very flexible cost accounting (system costs and margins) that is used as the basis of economic analysis system. • Design, implementation and development of the whole information system of the company, both for the operational management (ERP, BPM, ETC ...) and for decision management (BI, BSC, ETC). • Management and development of a strategic management system based on the Balanced Scorecard adapted from a personal view, which facilitates its implementation. • Active participation in mergers and acquisitions. • Analysis and creation of new businesses. What have I learned? My academic development began with a degree in Economics, with specialization in business and an MBA, both from the University of Valencia. Years later realized primarily an Executive-MBA and later a Master in Finance and Control, both from IE Business School. I have also pursuing a Masters in Online Marketing and E-Commerce by EAE Business School by the University of Barcelona and University Politécnica from Valencia (UPV). With complementary I made many more specific courses in different subjects and in different schools (IESE, IE, etc ...).