BoostInLyon is a Lyon-based non-profit organization. We help startups to iterate on their business and find their client.



Who are we ?
BoostInLyon is a Lyon-based non-profit organization. We accelerate startups through our acceleration program, helping them to iterate on their business. The aim ? Knowing who is their client, what is his painpoint and how they can help him.

How do we do it ?
We accelerate batches of 7 startups that work together for 4 months. We organize workshops, meetings and coaching sessions from 1 to 3 times a week (pretty intense yup) while startups actually work together in our coworking space. We actually want them to spend most of their working time together because we believe that most of the acceleration experience comes from the community spirit that exists in BoostInLyon.

BoostInLyon is a non profit organization supported by a bunch of volunteers !
BoostInLyon works as a community : everyone who coworks, is, or was, accelerated, is involved in the day-to-day life of the acceleration. Volunteers help other entrepreneurs with their experience and skills. They can also help by planning the events, managing the community or just being there for their mates.
The BIL-team also includes over-motivated interns, crazy startuppers, amazing entrepreneurs, lovely consultants and pizza-loving freelances.
Organization founded in France. Since July/2012.


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  • Otros:
    • Candidacy requirements are the following :
    • - We are open to every industry. However, the project has to be innovative.
    • - You must need our help. Whether you’re looking for your Business Model or trying to find out who your client is, we’re here for you !
    • - You have to be full time available
    • - You want to be challenged on your project.
    • - We love pizzas, table tennis and unicorns. So are you. Well. You’d better.




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