We offer value-added services that enable our partners, entrepreneurs, investors, mentors and business partners, to generate value, wealth and innovation, facilitating the creation of the next generation of cybersecurity companies. One of our key for them is a Startup Acceleration Program specifically designed for companies in the cybersecurity space, with special emphasis on validation of ideas and products, and the generation of better relationships to ensure the launch and growth of selected projects. For more established cybersecurity startups, we help make the strategic and organizational changes required to move to the next level. For these companies, we provide advice on strategic areas, like innovation, marketing and sales, human resources, finance and international development, directly or with the help of our business partners, helping the team to implement different organizational strategies, for scalability and growth, the creation and the deployment of more appropriate business processes and their associated infrastructure, and managing the transition necessary for a small business to a medium-size change.

Estrategia de la acceleradora

  • Looking for SEED/EARLY stage cybersecurity startups
  • Funds up to 150K€ per team
  • Equity taken: 5%-15%
  • Program lasts: 3 months
  • Mentors: YES
  • Training: YES
  • Office space: YES
  • Team required: YES
  • Others: Only cybersecurity/security related startups

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