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Extremadura Avante is a public company that provides comprehensive and continous assistance to entrepreneurs and other economic agents that

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Under the claim “Any project wirhout support”, the innovation area in Extremadura Avante operates in the field of servicies for Corporative Innovation (Companies, investors, networking, challenges, ideas, talent, incubators, universities, research and develop) Extremadura Avante is a public company that provides comprehensive and continuos assistance to entrepreneurs and other economic agents that contribute to the economic and social development in the región of Extremadura through four main areas: entrepreneurship, innovation, investment and internationalization. We accompany the Government of Extremadura in the execution of its business policy, providing services for individual entrepreneurs, for mercantile companies, including cooperative companies, and for any other economic operators which take part in the market by offering godos or proving services from the región of Extremadura. Avante opperates in execution of the Regional Research and Innovation Strategy for Smart Specialisation in the región, also called ONE Regional Strategy, “Organising a New Extremadura” as an instrument to articúlate and implement the economic transformation necessary to make Extremadura a more competitive región in a global context and in a way that is sustainable in the long term. This strategy, and its execution programs, seek to position Extremadura as a space for innovation in sustainable management of natural reosurces for energy generation and industrial uses, and in the application of technology for the improvement of the population´s quality of life. In this framework, Innovation Area in Avante has a strong expertise in information and monitoring of R+D+I projects, Management of business acceleration programs and Promotion of knowledge transfer. AGROTECH STARTUP PROGRAMME Agrotech is an intensive plan for the identification, activation, acceleration and expansión of ideas with high potential for innovation. “Agro” is synonymous with the rural environment, and reflects an identity and tradition, and “Tech” symbolizes opportunity and progress; all this together results in taking advantage of Extremadura´s existing abilities in order to enter a select group of emering markets. Terms such as technology and innovation are not traditionally associated with rural areas. Agrotech is Extremadura´s commitment to technologies that promote social welfare not only in cities, but especially in every rural settlement through the support of the agri-food industry, education and health. Extremadura will lead the generation of godos, products and services derived from robotics, microelectronics, TICs, genomics, new educational systems or telemedicine, which allow a social and territorial cohesion in order to: - Improve the quality of life and work of the citizens in rural areas. - Strengthen the value creation in the rural economy, both in traditional and new sectors. - Enable the full integration and participation of rural areas in a knowledge-based economy. - Increase the competitiveness of companies from Extremadura. - Bridge the gap between rural and urban populations.

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Estrategia de la acceleradora

  • Looking for SEED/EARLY/GROWTH stage
  • Funds up to 50.000€ per team
  • Equity taken: NO
  • Program lasts: 7 months
  • Mentors: YES
  • Training: YES
  • Office space: YES
  • Team required: YES
  • Others: Identification with the regional specialisation sectors of Extremadura: agri-food, renewable energy, healrh, rural tourism and ICT.

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