HVF stands for Hard Valuable Fun. It was founded in 2011 as the umbrella project and lab for all of Max Levchin's data-focused undertakings.

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HVF stands for "Hard Valuable Fun". It was founded in 2011 as the umbrella project for all of Max Levchin's data-focused undertakings. Its core thesis is that thanks to low-cost sensors of every imaginable type, near-ubiquitous wireless broadband, advances in distributed computing and storage, data is becoming our most plentiful, and most under-exploited commodity. The insights mined from it will unlock enormous productivity gains, create efficiencies where none existed before, and meaningfully improve lives. The mission of HVF is to be the catalyst of that transformation. Building on the core thesis, HVF searches relentlessly for opportunities that create value by leveraging data. This takes form of seed and early stage investing, rapid prototyping of internally-generated ideas (some of which develop into companies funded by HVF), getting together with the brightest minds in the many industries that will benefit from the data explosion, looking for (and at) interesting data sets and sources, and just geeking out on data. Projects we are prototyping or developing all start here, but we are not an incubator or a co-working space. We are interested in consumer finance, enterprise document security, and disease prevention/wellness industries. But if it's got data, we want to think about it. To date, two companies have been spun out of HVF: Affirm and Glow.

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