Hardware startup accelerator



The hardware renaissance is at hand, and with it a new era of homegrown makers building products and businesses around them. Still, even when making something is easier than ever, making 10,000 is daunting. Enter: Highway1, the world’s full-spectrum, hands-on educational program that helps entrepreneurs realize their retail distribution dreams. Backed by PCH’s extensive knowledge of manufacturing in Shenzhen and its faculty of veteran engineers and all-star mentors, Highway1 has rapidly evolved into the preeminent accelerator for hardware startups.

Why & How

Our program’s hybrid model: part hands-on, part educational, helps you develop your prototype at scale as you iterate your messaging, user research, and pitch practice. Our classes, led by industry icons, offer you the know-how to help you manage your team effectively from a strategic, project, and financial perspective. Based in San Francisco, our program puts entrepreneurs in the heart of the maker movement and a stone’s throw from Sandhill Road, home of the world’s top VCs. Along the way, Highway1 participants are flown to Shenzhen, China’s manufacturing hub, where they’re given an inside view into supply chain infrastructure, inventory management, and retail distribution.

Innovate at Scale

In exchange for 4-7% equity, Highway1 and PCH offer $50,000 in cash in addition to the benefits of our prototyping labs, mentor network, location, and global connections. We want you to leave with more than a polished prototype:
Gain detailed insight about production with sustainability in mind, from optimizing your supply chain infrastructure, to inventory management, and retail distribution
Work alongside our in-house engineers to finalize your prototype and design the finished product for manufacture at scale
Undergo a series of critique sessions to fine tune your pitch for potential investors
Learn the fundamentals of running a successful business
Fly to Shenzhen with us to tour the facilities that may manufacture your product.



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