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We provide seed investment, mentorship and encouragement to talented engineers with innovative ideas and a passion for making things.


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We want to be the first investor in your hardware startup. Hardware startups require capital and hands-on expertise, so we blend the best elements of a seed stage firm and incubator. For early-stage hardware startups driving towards prototypes, we invest up to $250K ($100K for 10% is typical) and provide intensive, hands-on time with the Lemnos Labs partners, mentors, and our thriving alumni community. We only invest in 8-12 startups per year because of the huge time investment we place in each of our portfolio companies. You will spend six to fifteen months at Lemnos in a rigorous program that builds your engineering, logistics, marketing, and go-to-market expertise. You have dedicated space in our facility, access to a deep rolodex of designers, suppliers, and contract manufacturers, and most importantly, 24/7 access to the Lemnos partners. Formal design reviews bring together experts in manufacturing, logistics, reliability, standards on a regular basis to make sure you are building a high quality product. Our definition of hardware is broad — anything that involves moving atoms or electrons — but we’re specifically focused on aerospace, robotics, transportation, agriculture and IoT (both consumer and B2B). Our entrepreneurs typically have backgrounds in mechanical, electrical and software engineering. We invest in almost any market segment that can benefit from your hardware-based disruptive product and/or service. At the end of our program, we anticipate that your company will have made enough progress to raise a significant Series Seed or Series A venture capital investment, and we use our strong connections into the venture community to help make that happen. You will hopefully leave Lemnos Labs with a product that is ready to go to market plus the human and financial capital to confidently take the next steps in your company’s journey. If your hardware startup is ready to change the world, apply here. We bring new startups into our program year-round.

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