SpurIT - eCommerce Software Solutions

eCommerce Software Development Company. Mainly Specialize in Shopify and Bigcommerce Platforms.

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We are leaders in the field of app development on the Shopify platform. We have already developed more than 20 Apps for Shopify and work with many Shopify clients on custom development.

Our best app for Shopify is "Unlimited Upsell" (http://apps.shopify.com/unlimited-upsell):
when customer clicks on "Checkout" button on the page of shopping cart, then appears simple and beautiful pop-up window which offers the last possibility to add to cart relevant products based on the contents of the customers shopping cart.

Nowadays we are developing some other apps for Shopify and Bigcommerce platforms.

We guarantee a high quality service because:
- we have a lot of experience in Shopify and Bigcommerce app development
- our apps are developed by experienced and highly qualified programmers
- our apps use Amazon Clouds with multiple servers, which ensure its reliable operation
- we provide free support for our apps
- we like what we do

SpurIT (http://spur-i-t.com) is a software development company based in Minsk, Belarus (Eastern Europe).
We are experts in community and e-commerce web development and we pay great attention to Shopify.
Organization founded in Belarus. Since March/2011.


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