Eduardo Diez-Hochleitner R.

Spaniard. Born in 1955. Highly experienced professional in different sectors. Mentor Business Angel with extensive experience in start-ups.

Business Angel


>Spaniard. Born 1955. Married. 4 children.

> Academics:
. Degree in Economics at Universidad Autonoma de Madrid (1978).
. MBA at IESE in Barcelona (1982).

> Professional life:
. 1978-1980: Dresdner Bank (Frankfurt). Associate to Airbus Company start-up.
. 1982-1987: BNP in Madrid, Valencia, Barcelona and Paris. Held different positions in corporate banking.
. 1987-1990: Banexi Spain. BNP's investment and private equity arm in Spain.
. 1990-2002: Grupo Prisa in Spain (media). CFO & COO of the group with responsability on finance, IT, HR, strategy, development, control and investors relation.
. 1993-1997: The Independent (UK national  newspaper). Board member.
. 1994-1996: RTL 2 (French leading national music radio station). Chairman of the Board.
. 1997-2001: Diario AS (leading Spanish national sport newspaper). Board member.
. 2001-2010: Bodaclick (online weddings marketplace). Chairman of the Board.
. 2002-2007: Apax Partners (leading UK based private equity firm). Partner in the Iberian office.
. 2003-2011: Kreab Gavin Anderson Iberia (Spanish PR, corporate & financial communication and public affairs firm. Board member.
. 2006-2007: Everis (Spanish global strategy consultant firm). Board member.
. 2007-today: Grupo 20 Minutos (leading Spanish free newspaper and online news). Vice-Chairman (CEO from 2010 to 2012).
. 2007-2014: Más Móvil Telecom 3.0 (Spanish leading mobile virtual network operator - MVNO). Chairman, Vice-Chairman and Board member.
. 2008-2011: Canalmail, today Media Response (Spanish online email marketing and hotwords platform). Chairman of the Board.
. 2008-2011: Veronis Suhler Stevenson (US based global private equity firm). Member of the International Advisory Board.
. 2009-2011: Infojobs (online job search platform). Board member.
. 2010-2012: Tagua Capital (venture capital investment fund). Member of the Advisrory Board.
. 2010-2012: B-Side Media (Spanish hi-tech portfolio company). Board member.
. 2010-2012: Imm Sound (3D sound state-of-the-art technology). Board member.
. 2010- today: Gawa Capital Partners (Spanish microfinance fund manager investing in emerging markets' microfinance institutions (MFIs).
. 2013-today: Amovens (Spanish carpooling online platform). Member of the Advisrory Board. 
. 2013-today: (Spanish online debate based school of life).  Member of the Advisrory Board.
. 2013-today: (School books online marketplace platform).  Member of the Advisrory Board.

> Investments in start-ups:
. Bodaclick (online weddings marketplace): Invested in 2001.


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