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Möller Ventures is an Incubator and Early-Stage Investor looking for opportunities in scalable digital business models.


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Möller Ventures (www.moeller-ventures.de) is an incubator and venture capital firm based in Berlin. The focus of Möller Ventures lies on scalable digital products and services, marketplaces, B2B, SaaS and attractive niche markets. // „Our focus lies on effective cost-income ratio investments in attractive niche markets - German efficiency combined with Swiss quality,“ stated by Swiss Chris Möller, Berliner by choice. The early-stage venture capitalist - develops its own web-based business models, - advances digital business models for selected companies and acts as a co-founder for the startup, - encourages new foundings of startups, - supports companies in early-stages with know-how as well as online experience and - invests in promising startups. The team around serial entrepreneur and investor Chris Möller supports Möller Ventures’ investments in the area of online marketing, operational efficiency and strategic planning. Contact: Chris Möller, Founder & CEO, Phone: +49 (0)30 8095 20 40, info(at)moeller-ventures.de

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