AUÐUR I is a private equity fund managed by Virðing. The fund’s total subscriptions were ISK 3.2 billion. Over 20 investors committed capital to the fund when it was established in February 2008.
The investment strategy of AUÐUR I involves companies with a long operating history (minimum 3-5 years). The companies must generate strong cash-flows, have a solid market position and attractive growth potential. In particular, AUÐUR I invests in companies that are owned or managed by women, which produce and sell products or services intended for women or where Virðing, as a fund manager, can add value.
Strong management teams are an integral part of the success of our portfolio companies.  AUÐUR I emphasises collaboration with and support for the management of its companies with a view to maximising long-term value.  We take an active part in shaping strategy and planning business at the board level. We also provide our portfolio companies with access to Virðing’s wide network of partners for funding, transactional expertise and business management.




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