Alexis Piquer



Sobre Alexis Piquer

Hi, I represent companies at all stages, ranging from startups already established to two guys with a PowerPoint and a dream. With all my clients, large or small, I provide practical, creative and thoughtful legal and entrepreneurial advice that helps solve business problems. For new companies I help founding teams ensure that their company is built for success. First and foremost, this means creating good legal documentation around the company and ensuring that key issues are properly addressed such as founder vesting, venture investment and IP protection. Secondly, I can connect young companies to my network of folks who can help them be successful, everyone from a bookkeeper to a VC and provide strategic guidance on what it takes to build a great company. I'm passionate and enthusiastic about what I do and I manage to maintain a good sense of humor about it, most of the time. Interested in investing in innovative seed-stage startups. Specialties: Venture capital, business angels, BAN, informal venture capital, financing sources, early stage financing, investors forum, investment readiness, co-investment, entrepreneurship, business plans, regional development, ...