Andrea Gendusa


Sobre Andrea Gendusa

Born and raised in Italy, he began working with images on the age of 16 years, first through the acquisition of painting and decorative techniques, then he decided to bringing in digital what he had learned. During three years of study at the IED school in Turin (IT), in the course of virtual and digital design, he learned the basics of programming that made ​​him divert the road. After one year working like HTML developer to he decide to come back to use the images through video and animation. After graduate he started to collaborate with various Italian studies where improves his experience in the industry, including Nerdo and Monkey Talkie. For two years he lived in Barcelona where he worked for N9ve studio as designer and illustrator, further refining his design sensibility, and acquiring additional awareness about the power of the image on the reality and society. He continues to live in Barcelona with his new family and works as a freelance with the objective of sharing experiences and information through new partnerships.