Angela Gano Suffi


A force to be reckoned with, Angela is a SME in Home Care having owned, operated and coached agency owners all over the country.

Sobre Angela Gano Suffi

Angela Gano Suffi has owned, operated, and supported home care agencies and their owners nationwide, and internationally. She is a subject matter expert and concentrates on equipping agency owners and leadership teams with the coaching, tools, and resources they need to create high performing teams in the delivery of care, internal office operations, and sales. Angela has a heart to help people and help people be their best. She is a natural in delivering support and encouragement that inspires and encourages owners who are otherwise at a loss and struggling with the day to day stress and complications of home care. Angela's professional experience in home care, and other industries has given her the ability to see the big picture, cut through the noise and quickly understand the root cause of issues, and deliver individualized support that meets the needs of her audience.