Antun Sunjic


URBAN PSA founder & CEO | B2B & B2C Marketing and Advertising expert | eBusiness & eCommerce specialist | MSc in Business Marketing


Sobre Antun Sunjic

During my 14 years of managerial and executive business experience in the CEE region I have grasped an expertise in business strategy & management, e-Business/e-Commerce B2B & B2C solutions as well as in Marketing, Advertising & PR. I founded two startups previously with 1 successful exit. In my business career, up-to-date, I was working on positions such as a CEO of the ICT company, CEO of marketing agency, marketing director, senior marketing expert in RES sector in telecom industry, PM in telecom industry, manager, marketing manager, market researcher, guest professor at Zagreb school of management and tourism. I'm holding a master’s degree in business marketing from faculty of Economics at Zagreb University - topic: Interactive marketing communications as a facilitator of e-Business models success. Regarding business knowledge and skills, I am strong in e-business models and e-business initiatives, business strategy & management, integrated marketing communications, marketing, advertising and PR, e-business & e-commerce solutions for b2b, b2c, c2c & b2g segments, procurement & sourcing web-based services as well as business operations and business development.