Avocado Desserts


A butter fruit base for a butter-free dessert.


Sobre Avocado Desserts

By using a creamy avocado base, Avocado Desserts offers a tasty & nutritious solution when you need that sweet kick. The fruit's healthy fat combined with its light and filling aspect produce a dessert that satisfies both your health & your craving. Our mission is to make snack-time an enjoyable and guilt-free experience, which is why our ingredients offer the perfect balance of taste while maximizing nutritious value. Our desserts are frozen to reduce waste and preserve the freshness of our desserts - bringing sustainability and innovation into the avocado industry. How it all happened: After our founder, a food scientist from McGill University, won the 2015 IFT North American competition for new food product, we realized we needed to make our delicious desserts accessible to everyone. We reduced the original amount of ingredients without changing the taste and launched our food venture in Montreal in 2016. In the past year, we developed over 5 innovative recipes and secured our position in the Montreal entrepreneur community through the McGill accelerator program and the District 3 coaching. We sold over 5,500 desserts through our catering service and our contracts with coffee shops and marketplaces. We are now launching our e-commerce website, available to the Montreal community!