Borja López


Idea explorer. Learning lover. I think we never know who's a genius, so it's better to pay attention to everybody... Proud eldest brother.


Sobre Borja López

I'm an entrepreneur motivated by my own curiosity and project Moodtivate CEO. Now I am increasing my experience as manager and head of entrepreneurial projects. I'm also a web and software developer with experience in database management who´s particularly interested in WordPress quick development and Android apps. I have worked in the developement of apps with web user interface, more precisely, using PHP. Currently, I'm learning gamification and android. My specialities are as follow: Java, C#, PHP, ASP, ASP.NET, VB.NET, MySQL, XML, XHTML, HTML5, JavaScript, CSS, Object Oriented Programming and I'm currently working in consumer web. I have a special interest in smoothies.