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We're are making BMX The Game, a BMX simulation game, just because we love BMX

Sobre Carlos Canales - BMX The Game

BMX The Game is a BMX simulation game which captures the essence of this action sport. It’s created by BMX riders who want to recreate the beauty, creativity, fun and variety of the BMX universe in a game. The aim is to offer a real experience to the player with new challenges every time they play. The player must use the game controls to do BMX tricks and moves and compete with other players online. BMX The Game is set in Barcelona and will allow players to roam freely and discover new spots to compete with friends, record best tricks on video and gain respect from the online community, in order to win credits to improve the main character and their bike. The game will be released in early 2015 for computers ( PC / Mac ) and mobile devices( Iphone / Android ), and later for consoles ( PS3 / Xbox360 / PS4 / XboxOne ). Early access for PC and Mobiles will be available in July 2014 exclusive for early supporters. Check out our numbers and our website. Over 55k friends on Facebook are helping us.