Carlos Jimenez

Serial Entrepreneur, Lean Believer, Product Guy, Startup Advisor, Father & Husband of the Best 2 Girls in the World.



I build Products, Teams & Companies

I’ve spent the past 10 years as a Product Executive, Entrepreneur or CEO in venture-backed mobile & internet companies, both early and growth stage. I’ve worked across a number of industries (Finance, Real Estate, Media,..), monetization models in the U.S. and Europe, and have a proven-track record of creating, building, managing and scaling mobile and internet products used by millions of users worldwide.

I’m a "product guy” at heart. I have strong user instincts and a deep understanding of technology, design, business models and behavioral psychology. I’ve combined these to create elegant products that both improve people’s lives and deliver business results.

Passionate about Consumer, Social and Mobile Products. I'm a leader with deep experience in building world-class teams from the ground-up. Entrepreneur at heart, love to work in flexible and agile environments with an MVP mindset, User Centric approach and Data Driven decisions

Responsible for Product Planning and Execution throughout the Product Lifecycle, including: Ideation, Conceptualization, Market & Usability Research, Definition, Specification, Execution & Launch.

Experience managing Product, UX & Design and Development Teams.


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