Carol Pinart


Passionate about improving people's lives with technology


Sobre Carol Pinart

Can you imagine your life without the Internet? Right. That's why I help businesses build awesome digital services that improve the way we live, and deliver them seamlessly. Now I'm rocking the house as ZabCab's COO. ZabCab is an app that connects taxi drivers and passengers in one tap. I'm a mix of analytical thinker, creative soul, techie and communicator. My background is strategy, marketing and delivery of technology products and services. I have worked for a number of major companies across Europe and recently joined ZabCab, a US-based start-up in the taxi space. I have also led teams large and small and been heavily involved in communication and outreach activities. I consider myself highly accomplished in customer-centric product and service design, with solid technical and business background, as well as skilled in building and leading high-performing teams. I also have extensive international business experience, particularly in Western Europe and Brazil. And, step by step, I'm getting the hang of the US market as well. Outside of work you can find me spending time with family, playing music and reading sci-fi.