Dan Jordan


Co-Founder @Twych • Co-Founder @MojoAgua • Worked at @Americhip, @ETS, @Camberday • Writer, developer, inventor, +25 years in tech



Sobre Dan Jordan

Co-Founder of Twych and inventor of Innercell, Dan is a seasoned marketing director, writer, entrepreneur, inventor and product development specialist with more than 25 years of technology, marketing and product development experience. Dan is an accomplished management executive and entrepreneur with an ability to assemble teams, organize resources and deliver results. A virtual encyclopedia of information, he operates with an extensive set of hands-on skills and an acute awareness of marketing and technological trends. Dan's portfolio of entrepreneurial endeavors include the launch of a political/news website in the early 2000's, the design, development and release of an enterprise-level content management system and inventing the world's first socially-active 'light-up' drinking water. Dan discovered computer programming at age 11, started his first computer-aided design business at 13 and was recruited away from college to work for a small modem/data communications company in 1991. This company went on to become Diamond Multimedia.