Daniel Leal López


M.Sc. Information and Communication Engineering. Focused on software development, mainly mobile, though I love trying new technologies


Sobre Daniel Leal López

I have two years of experience developing software professionally. My latest job has been for bq, in which I carried out a lot of heterogeneous tasks while being part of the Software Development team, ranging from the development of Android applications and the integration of its framework within multimedia devices to customizing a Linux distribution for an embedded system. Before working in bq, and even during the time I was there, I took part in two projects in which I was responsible for the design, development and testing of an Android application. The first development was also done for iOS, without having any previous experience in any of those systems. All in all, I think of myself as someone determined, proactive and not afraid of challenges. I’ve enjoyed discovering new technologies when the task required doing so; I also like working in-group, being able to contribute to a project while sharing knowledge with the colleagues.