Diego Bezares Sanchez


Computer Engineer with 10+ years of experience on the videogames industry. Passionate about the disruption of Virtual Reality and Coachity

Sobre Diego Bezares Sanchez

Computer Engineer with 10+ years of experience in the videogames industry . I have worked at Zed, Zinkia, BKOOL, G4M3 and Mind The Pixel as Programmer or Lead Programmer on more than 15 published games. I started up developing mobile games back in 2005. My favourite platforms are IOS & Android, but I have also worked on PC and console titles. I am passionate about virtual reality apps development, and I have beeing working on nothing but this field for some time. I have already published 2 V.R apps at the Appstore, Google Play and Oculus Share, and made several prototypes and experiments. I am well connected with the V.R development community via twitter, meetings... I have given talks about V.R, and I am teacher in this field at U-TAD