Felix Sim



Sobre Felix Sim

I started my professional career in the finance sector, working with different institutions such as investment banks, hedge funds, and advisory firms. A client project brought me to Dubai in 2008, where I specialised in advising financial institutions on their establishment in the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC). For the next four years, I built up a strong network of investors, family offices and entrepreneurs in the Middle East. Returning to Singapore in 2012, I started a team building company which grew from 3 staff to over $1m in annual revenue within 2 years. Marketing for my new business started and grew through the use of a technology I now call - Seonar (www.seonar.com). Over the last four years, I have helped many businesses get off their feet and grow their online presence through the use of Seonar. As the internet continues to evolve, so does the technology we deploy. Today, I am the CTO of Seonar, and continue to deploy this technology to help our clients succeed online. Interested? I'm just an email away (fs@seonar.com).