Gregory Egan


Solar, Hydrogen, Cryogenic and Bamboo Technologist with five startups so far and still a sense of humor


Sobre Gregory Egan

Greg attended the Graduate School of Applied Science and Business at New York University. He has over 30 years of alternative fuel and cryogenic program development. Greg began his high-tech solar marketing and system design experience with Basic Energy Construction 1977-79 and at Ergenics (INCO’s renewable materials venture) where he designed stainless-steel solar collectors. Additionally, he developed for metal hydrides hydrogen storage products. Mr. Egan spent 10 years as marketing manager of Hydrogen Consultants Inc. (HCI) where he developed systems. In 1986 he won the NASA Technology Innovation Award and was also the Principal Investigator in the Metal Hydride Compressor/Hydrogen Liquefaction System for NASA (KSC) and Metal Hydride Compressor/Refrigeration System for NASA (MSFC). In 2004, Mr. Egan founded Brehon Energy plc. (Ireland) a pioneer integrated hydrogen energy and cryogenics. Brehon was eventually bought by Eden Energy, Ltd. (Australia). Greg’s recent concentration is developing a bamboo biorefinery for filtration and chemical feedstocks.