Hernan Mateo


CTO/Full Stack Developer - Looking for crazy ideas! I have the team.



Sobre Hernan Mateo

I'm a very experienced full stack developer who has developed many different kind of projects. I have worked with several kind of programming languages and frameworks but the ones I really dominate are PHP (Symfony2), Java (Spring) and JavaScript (NodeJS, React Native, ReactJS, AngularJS). I also worked developing apps for mobile devices like Android, iOS and Windows Phone. I'm known as a hard working person, very responsible and with experience in team managing and developing platforms with large affluence. I'm perfectionist and I like to achieve ambitious goals. That's why I'm always open to new projects and new challenges. At a personal level I like everything related to exploring the mountains and their terrain, knowing about their history and ecosystem and the practice of sports which allows me to enjoy them, always with the respect that they deserve. Now I'm very interesting and working hard with React Native.