Jennifer Woodard


Founder at @hellosisu. Lover of social data, real time semantic analysis, Natural Language Processing. It's funner than it sounds.

Sobre Jennifer Woodard

Founder of sisu labs, a semantic science and technology firm that helps companies get more out of their data by applying Natural Language Processing and semantic analysis techniques to extract valuable business intelligence. sisu labs is revolutionizing social media analytics by marrying NLP with big data processing for real-time semantic analysis. Our technology can instantly extract sentiment, emotion, entities (products, brands, persons, etc.) and topics as fast as the speed of social media. I am also actively involved in European Commission research projects related to social media. I have been a Project Coordinator for European Commission research projects under FP7 and AAL Joint programme since 2009. I am also an External Expert and Evaluator for the European Commission’s Marie Curie Fellowship programme and Member of the European Commission’s Steering Group for Competitiveness on the Web (Digital Agenda). Before that: I was a tech communications and marketing consultant based in San Francisco, California. My areas of specialty are consumer Internet, social networks and the U.S. Latino market, respectively. I have worked in the technology space for the past 12 years. As a consultant, I helped companies in the tech sector improve their marketing and communications strategies, as well as develop innovative ways to improve their business models. My perspectives on technology, online marketing and the Latino market have been featured in numerous U.S. national and foreign outlets, among them Business Week, Consumer Reports, BBC World Service and more, as well as several books. I also have over a decade of experience in marketing communications and public relations, consistently gaining clients visibility in top-tier publications such as The New York Times, The Washington Post and USA Today, among others.