Joerg Sahlmann



Sobre Joerg Sahlmann

Joerg is Co-Founder & CTO of The RocketLounge LLC, Ft. Myers, Southwest Florida's Incubator & Accelerator for Tech Startups and International Technology Companies. Joerg served as a senior executive in the PC and Internet industry since 1990. Actual Board Member at The RocketLounge LLC (Florida, USA) PPRO Card Solutions Spain S.L. (Palma de Mallorca, Spain) verreaux GmbH (Munich, Germany) appserve GmbH (Munich, Germany) Former Board Member at Hacking for Defense GmbH (Munich, Germany) eValue Ventures AG (Düsseldorf, Germany) Consulting 365 GmbH (Munich, Germany) JQuadrat AG (Starnberg, Germany) Microstaxx GmbH (Munich, Germany) Supervisory Board Member at Logo Consult AG (Starnberg, Germany) Lavego AG (Munich, Germany) Competencies: 
 Company Builder, Go-to-Market Strategy, XaaS, SmartHome, HomeAutomation, IoT