Jordi Sabater


Living online since the 90's. Now focusing in beacons and mobile enterpreneurship

Sobre Jordi Sabater

Since the early 90s I have been associated with the online world, in one way or another. I lived the beginning of the Internet and from mid-90s all my projects have been related with the "online" world. The emergence of mobile devices and their rapid implementation have made me move to be one of the founding partners at SinergiaLabs. In our projects, we collaborate with clients to make strategic decisions about which mobile presence should follow and implement a company or a professional to maintain a permanent and effective relationship with their customers. One of the basic premises of SinergiaLabs is to create good mobile apps user experiences. To achieve this, we work with beacons (ibeacons as a trademark of Apple), signal transmitters in combination with an application designed to leverage its technology, achieve individualized information and commercial offer, turning the mobile device into an extremely powerful and versatile personal assistant.