Juan Pablo Andrade


Love tech and it's potential for disruption. Only investing in companies that are part of the scalable change. (IBM, GOOG, PYPL, Lingbe etc)


Sobre Juan Pablo Andrade

I am working for Google as an Account Executive in the Healthcare Sector. In my opinion, the most interesting and innovative sectors that is set to disrupt the world in the next 5 years by integrating new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics, 3D printing and Imaging, etc. Before NY, I joined Google in the New Business Sales team after graduating with an MBA from IE Business School, where I focused on entrepreneurship, strategy and digital marketing. In this time I was fortunate enough to meet Alberto Cruz, the founder of a great project that is set to help millions of people around the world to practice and improve languages: "Lingbe". Prior to that I was looking for an opportunity to give back to the Rugby community. This is how I got engaged with Bhubesi Pride and was able to drive 16,000 kms to 29 communities through East Africa while helping kids to develop life skills through sports and improve gender equality. We are living in a time where we have access to new and crazy technologies. This gives us all the opportunity to disrupt the old models by applying technology and changing them into more efficient and scalable solutions that impact millions of people by improving their way of life. Personally I am really exited to see what 2025 looks like when this technologies settle in.