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I have attended and completed DWI detection and standardized Field sobriety testing. This contain the same training that police officers received. During the course we went through the same training and the same classes to study the theory behind detecting drivers who are impaired. During this training, we received training in the 3 validated tests for standard field sobriety test otherwise known as SFST. This training benefits my clients because in order to defend DUI cases, I truly believe that one must know what the officer is thinking and what he is looking for. In addition, I received national attention via the Atlantic Magazine when I drove thru checkpoint in Orange County and exposed the bully tactics that were used by Law Enforcement to get people convicted. I also have written about experiences and my analysis of the situation has been posted on a Wiki Leaks for police misconduct. I belong to the CPDA (California Public Defenders Association), CDL (California DUI Lawyers Association), and the TPD (Private Defenders).Because of these organizations I am provided with support, training, case assistance, brainstorming, assistance on motions, moral support and encouragement for the vigorous defense of my clients. Another added benefit to being in these organizations are the seminars that come with it. These seminars provide specialized training in various areas including the death penalty, DUI, juvenile delinquency and dependency, and scientific evidence, and well as training in the skills that I use every day representing your case.