Leslie hevesi


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Sobre Leslie hevesi

I`m Press Press photographer for over 12 years in the newspaper El Mundo. Throughout all these years I 'm still collaborating with English magazines (Daily Mirror , The Sun dailly telegraph ), and Russian (Elite ) . Correspondent of the American newspaper " The wall street journal " . Photography head of Aerial Photography at "Heliactivo" the Helicopter company's services, located in Benidorm ( Alicante). President and founder of the Association of photographs of " La Marina Baixa " . Juror in exhibitions yearbook photojournalists in Alicante. Commissioner traveling photo exhibition in Europe to travйs of Alicante Tourist Diputaciуn based in Brussels . Photographer cookbooks : M José San Román ( Alicante)one michelin star. Quique Da Costa ( Alicante) 2 michelin stars .Paco Torreblanca 2 michelin stars and official baker of the spanish king Juan Carlos Borbon. Costablanca photographer Guнa of the Provincial Tourism Alicante ( 2.007-2.008-2.009 ) . Eventual fashion photographer for the monthly magazine "Elle" , Spain . Guide "Ciudades medias" for the JUNTA DE ANDALUCIA.