Manuel Tejera Fernández


Scientist, technologist and serial entrepreneur. I'm successfull leading complex and multidisciplinary projects in several tech fields.


Sobre Manuel Tejera Fernández

Co-founder, partner and executive of several R&D companies: - I was co-founder, partner, CEO and Chief Scientific Officer of Oncovision, a multiawarded molecular vision technology company and a world leader in the development of innovative medical imaging devices, used by surgeons, radiologists, oncologists and nuclear physicians for research, and diagnosis and treatment of cancer. - I was co-founder, partner and CEO of Assembled New Technologies, a R&D company, carrying out projects in various areas applying: -- Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics to: human embryology, non-destructive testing , as well as to various industrial applications; -- Numerical Mathematics to the development of complex calculation modules; -- and Multidisciplinary Technologies for the development of real-time integrated metrology. - I co-founded Moneyscape Payment Institution, a financial company devoted to creating and offering banking services for unbanked people all over the world. For the past five years, I has been working in the e-commerce and fintech sectors. As a scientist, I worked in several universities and scientific institutions, directing projects and producing articles in different fields of Physics, Mathematics, Artificial Intelligence and Data Science.