Diseño & Comunicación Social. Ayudamos a la creación de nuevas plataformas de comunicación orientadas al cambio social. ¡Únete al equipo!.


The social design en+ is based on creating new platforms for communication, interaction, exchange and development, fleeing from simple protest to seek solutions through design. Our operations look for to promote positive communication interactions involving creating solutions through creativity, empathy and synergy. How do we get the stated objectives? Design isn’t just for designers. All of us can start to find creative solutions to the challenges around us—whether it’s making our job better, or redesigning a local park, or brainstorming ways to attack major challenges like climate change. Start looking around for the problems that bother you most. Don’t know where to start with design? On our design hub, look for an upcoming series of posts on basic creative problem-solving, from interviewing and observing to prototyping. We work in integrating socially concerned designers and NGOs to help them improve the quality of their communications, whether from the formation or from the connection between designers and organizations. Along with the development of projects for NGO’s, en+ continues a line of analysis and investigation to improve communication and social design research groups and creating online formation courses specializing in the designand social media.