Mark Dencker


Create value before you ask for it


Sobre Mark Dencker

I am Mark Dencker and together with my partner, Thibaut Delarbre, I am running Wiredelta. We had come to the point where we desired to transform volatile ideas from internet entrepreneurs into rock solid products. Thus, we founded Wiredelta in 2011, when I was on the path of my PHd, which serves as a web and mobile application company . Our focus are the startups and the fast growing companies. Furthermore, we offer both digital marketing and hosting solutions. I studied a B.Sc in Economics at Copenhagen University. Later on, I continued my studies by studying a M.Sc. in Economics and a MSc in Global Banking and Finance. Before creating Wiredelta, I worked on a investment bank and taught Statistics at Copenhagen University. Currently, I am fully dedicated to Wiredelta and to the new challenges that come on daily basis. My daily schedule is focused on managing large portfolio of web and mobile applications, while coordinating my employees and Interns from Copenhagen and India. My partner takes care of the French head-quarter. What I love the most during my free time is practising yoga. It's very relaxing and pleasant.