Martin Sutton


Passionate about helping large businesses work better with the tech start up community

Sobre Martin Sutton

Martin is an entrepreneur who has 20 years experience of taking disruptive ideas to market and turning them into large scale businesses, working with some of the most respected global technology firms (Sun Microsystems, Fujitsu, Hitachi and EMC). He has been responsible for turning early stage products and services into high revenue companies. A recent example of his work can be referenced with XtremIO an Israeli tech start up who launched in November 2013. Martin was responsible for taking XtremIO to market in the UK & Ireland. Over the following 18 months the team generated $1b in revenues and became the fastest ever tech start up to reach the $1b milestone. As the co founder of Battenberg Inc he is now working with large global brands to help them innovate faster. He achieves this by engaging the global tech start up community via a series of business challenges which the corporates have issued. If you would like to receive these briefs and work with his corporate partners please register here: https://battenberginc.typeform.com/to/ShFden Good luck